Changes Coming to WIU’s Wi-Fi on May 26

On the evening of May 26, 2017, University Technology (uTech) will be making changes to the University’s wireless networks. After May 26, all users of WIU’s wireless networks must configure their wireless devices to properly reconnect to Wi-Fi on the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses.

How Will I Connect My Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone?

After May 26, you must connect to the WIU-SETUP network, open a browser, and follow the on-screen instructions to properly register your device(s). After the registration process is complete, your device will automatically connect to the new WIU-SECURE wireless network.

How Will I Connect Multimedia, Gaming, and Specialty Devices?

  • In residential areas of campus (residence halls and graduate/family housing), you can connect your smart TV, Xbox & Playstation consoles, Roku players and other devices that don’t support the WPA2-Enterprise protocol by logging in to from another computer and selecting the option to register a device using a pre-shared key. You will need your device’s MAC address, often times found within the settings or on the back/bottom of the device. After registering, you will be provided login details on how to connect to the WIU-DEVICE wireless network.
  • In nonresidential areas of campus, employees who have multimedia or specialty wireless devices that don’t support the WPA2-Enterprise protocol will need to contact their department/college technical representative or the uTech Support Center for authorization to connect these devices to wireless.

Why Is the Wireless Network Being Changed?

Currently, there are six wireless networks available on campus. uTech is reducing this number by half in order to help eliminate confusion, improve connectivity & security, and simplify the process for connecting.

  • Now through May 26: The available wireless networks will remain WIU-SECURE, WIU-GUEST, WIU-PUBLIC, WIU-SETUP, WIU-DEVICE, and WIU.
  • After May 26: The only available wireless networks will be WIU-SETUP, WIU-SECURE, and WIU-DEVICE. All users of WIU’s wireless networks will need to follow the appropriate directions above to configure their device for wireless access.

Who Do I Contact for Assistance?

Faculty and staff in academic units are encouraged to contact their local college tech reps for questions and assistance. All others can contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-TECH, visit us in Stipes 126, or chat with us online at You can also find instructions and documentation for connecting to wireless networks in the uTech Support Portal knowledgebase at