Curated from the DevopsWeekly mailing list. What is the mismatch between project-based IT Governance and DevOps practices? The Governance Mismatch The struggle with ITSM defined change management in DevOps. DevOps, Software-Defined Infrastructure, and the CMDB’s Perception Problem An article about service discovery with some info on why DNS has trouble […]

We’ve been using Multitech iSMS modems for several years to send alerts from our Sensu monitoring system. In late 2015 we noticed that AT&T had announced they were shutting down 2G access so we had to come up with a new way to send out alerts. We don’t have the […]

We run our own data centers at WIU and most of our workloads run on VMs in ESXi. I’m relatively new to containers and just recently started experimenting with Rancher for container orchestration. Rancher is nice, but adding nodes to the Kubernetes cluster is still a manual process. If I […]

The original article this information was at was unavailable at the time I wrote this post. I dug it out of the Internet Archive and for posterity I am duplicating a bunch of it here. Deploy VMware VMA (vSphere Management Assistant) Download the VMA appliance from VMware and configure according […]