Monitoring VMware ESXi and vCenter

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The original article this information was at was unavailable at the time I wrote this post. I dug it out of the Internet Archive and for posterity I am duplicating a bunch of it here.

Deploy VMware VMA (vSphere Management Assistant)

Download the VMA appliance from VMware and configure according to their instructions. The VMA appliance is SUSE, so works just like any other Linux vm.


SSH into the VMA appliance to do the following…. Download the latest Sensu package, something like this…


Install Sensu:

rpm -i --nodeps sensu-0.20.0-1.x86_64.rpm

It will throw some warnings, but the installation will be successful. However, automatic startup of sensu-client will need to be set manually.

chkconfig sensu-client on

Edit Sensu config files. This is usually done via Chef, but we haven’t yet tried to get

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