Learning in a Social Context


ILAECTE is growing and taking new steps to reach out to our members and become a valuable resource to all Illinois early childhood teacher educators. This blog will be a place where ILAECTE members can share ideas. Each posting will highlight a different topic or pedagogical technique. Our first posting follows:

We’re expected to be the experts, the ones that train the next generation of early childhood educators, but we’re human. None of us is perfect. All of us can use some help at one point or another. That is where the Illinois Early Childhood Higher Education Resources Online (otherwise knows as HERO) site comes in. This is a place where you can keep up-to-date on what is happening, share with others your ideas and struggles, and find resources that will help you in your teaching.


Sign up is easy and once done you will have access to the resources there. Right now there is a forum on program redesign. Elizabeth Sherwood from SIU-E kicked it off by sharing what her institution has done. Anyone who has joined the site can be part of the discussion and share their ideas or ask questions. As most of us are dealing with this challenge right now, why not take the opportunity to learn from others? Isn’t that the basis of Vygotsky’s theory – that learning takes place in a social context? You can find the HERO site at http://ilfacultyresources.org/

Besides using HERO as a resource, we hope that you will also use this website’s blog as a way to find out what is happening in our state. You can make comments on the postings, ask questions, become part of our conversation. Sign up is easy through RSS. What that means is that you will automatically receive our postings. We PROMISE no more than two or three a month!! BUT those will be very valuable, short, concise blogs that will help you as an early childhood teacher educator. Take a moment to sign up now.

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