Great Resource!

A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to attend a faculty professional development session based on Maryellen Weimer’s Learner-Centered Teaching book (more about that in another blog). That led me to a great resource. Yes, I know we all get TOO MANY emails, but some are definitely worth opening up and reading. Faculty Focus is a blog worth following. It comes out three times a week. Two of those postings are on issues that deal with the pedagogy of college teaching. The third is a wrap-up of the week and usually an ad for a webinar (OK, I don’t always read the Friday posting!) When you sign up for the blog, you also get access to past postings also. If you have ever been interested in the Scholarship of Teaching, this is a good place to start. Even if you are not, this is still a great resource for improving your own college teaching. You can sign up (FREE!!) at


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