The HERO website mentioned in our first ILAECTE blog is a great Illinois resource but there are resources beyond that. One of the best is MERLOT. MERLOT is a collection of educational resources (websites, tools, lesson plans) that can be shared with anyone who is a member (and membership is FREE!).

MERLOT also offers instructors the opportunity to be a peer reviewer of the materials in the collection. You go to online Grape Camp to get trained in how to do this and often get to know about new sites before they become well-known. I did this for one year and found the experience very valuable in learning how to evaluate websites.

Items in the MERLOT collection are listed by discipline and the one that would interest ILAECTE members would be Teacher Education. Looking for some good videos? Want to find a website/online program that provides opportunities for you to incorporate technology into your lessons? Want ideas for developing an online course? MERLOT can help you!

In addition, MERLOT offers instructors opportunities to explore the Scholarship of Teaching (SOT), a different avenue of research than looking at the various aspects of early childhood education. SOT is the examination and exploration of college teaching, how students learn and the best methods of teaching such students. In future blogs I will share more information about SOT but MERLOT is a good place to start.

The ILAECTE blog was started with two main goals (others may be added later). The first was to share information particular to Illinois about our discipline so we can stay up-to-date on the content we teach and be aware of changes in the state that affect our field. The second was to share information about college teaching, the pedagogy we use, and how we can improve what we do everyday with our students. If you have additional resources from which you think others could benefit, include them in your comment to this blog!