Farmer tweets from the field

When it comes to farmers and tools that start with “t,” the first thing that might come to mind? Tractor.

WIU graduate Colby Hunt

WIU graduate Colby Hunt

But for Colby Hunt ’03, who received his bachelor’s degree in agriculture from WIU, there’s a new tool in town:


Hunt, who lives and farms near his alma mater and now serves as vice president of the McDonough County Farm Bureau, was featured recently in the McDonough County Voice for his innovative use of Twitter.

Hunt believes in using Twitter to help farmers educate the public about agriculture’s impacts on their lives. It’s something Hunt believes fewer people are aware of than in the past.

More and more people have never been on a farm or been connected at all so we’re just trying to find ways to find those people and keep them informed with what’s going on,” said Hunt.

Check out the full story in the McDonough County Voice.

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