For this graduate, plastics really did matter.

In that oft-quoted moment in film history, Dustin Hoffman’s character in “The Graduate”–facing his uncertain future–gets sage advice about what to do with his life. And that advice became a punchline for a generation.

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But for Ron Sherga, a 1976 WIU biology and geology graduate, plastics have been anything but a joke. Recycling plastics, in fact, has led him to an environmentally conscious career.Ron Sherga '76

Sherga is the owner of Sher-Results LLC, (Arlington, TX), which assists companies and organizations with recycling and sustainability issues, and has been a leader in plastics recycling for 30 years.

During his time at WIU, Sherga was a Member of Theta Chi, and the campus groups including Interhall Council and University Union Board. He will return to his alma mater on April 7 to deliver the keynote speech at Western’s Seventh Annual Environmental Summit.

And perhaps he can be said to have erased his own carboon footprint: the facilities he has managed or owned have been responsible for reusing two billion pounds of scrap plastics.

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2 thoughts on “For this graduate, plastics really did matter.

  1. I really appreciate the nice promo for myself and this great event.
    NOW for the rest of the story…as Paul Harvey said;
    Dustin Hoffman went on to marry a woman with the last name of Gotsegen….Her father was a customer of mine. I sold him plastic materials so he could make Beta video cases and tortilla warming trays at his plastics plant in southern California.
    I guess art sometimes does imitate life!

    Trivia Note: in “Its a Wonderful Life”…they use a plastics factory to attract business to the town.
    Hope to see you at THE SUMMIT !

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