WIU Graduate Subject of New Book About Ethics

Western Illinois University graduate Patrick Kuhse is the subject of a new book about ethics.

MACOMB, IL ? A Western Illinois University graduate who received his degree while incarcerated is the topic of a new book about ethics.

Patrick Kuhse, of Carlsbad, CA, is a 2000 graduate of Western with a Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts degree (now known as general studies).

Kuhse served a four-year term in federal prison for having “greed goggles” on while he worked as a stockbroker and investment adviser and illegally bumping up his commission. Prior to his arrest he spent four years in Costa Rica hiding from the FBI and federal government before turning himself in.

Kuhse’s story is the basis for a new book, which was released Sept. 26, titled, “Seduced By Success.”

The book is written by Jeanette Magdalene, who has been Kuhse’s life and business coach for several years. Kuhse said it was Magdalene’s idea to write the book.

While in prison, Kuhse participated in a program where students from the Pepperdine University MBA program would visit the prison to hear from white-collar offenders.

“I started talking to this group and realized I had something to say. I wanted to share it with as many people as possible in hopes they would not make the same mistakes I had,” he said.

Kuhse decided to get his bachelor’s degree while in prison and said he chose Western because it was the only program at an “established brick and mortar institution.”

With no access to telephone or computer, Kuhse degree came through self-study and questions sent to him through the mail.

“Then I had to find a guard who was qualified to give me the exams,” he said.

Now out of prison for 12 years, Kuhse has devoted his life to speaking nationwide about ethics.

For more information about Kuhse, visit speakingofethics.com/index.php?pid=about. For more information about the new book, visit amazon.com.

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