Students Open Dance Studios in Macomb

A few WIU students have taken on some big responsibilities in the past two months. Lauren Krohe, a junior broadcasting major from Table Grove, IL and Kimmie Nott, a senior exercise science major from Macomb, have recently become business owners of Project Dance Company, a new dance studio in Macomb. They also have another location in Keokuk, IA. With the help of Kolette Herndon, a junior journalism major from Macomb, the young women have developed a new dance team and recreational classes for children ages 3-18.

The dance studio offers styles such as jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap and contemporary. The Project Dance Company competition team plans to travel all over the tri-state area to participate in regional competitions. Krohe and Nott have developed a fun and inspiring atmosphere for students to learn and share their love of dance.

An article was recently published in the Western Courier with more information regarding these students’ accomplishments as new business owners and how they were able to open up their own studio:

Also taking on a new challenge in the dance world is Karmyn Dorethy, a freshman theatre major from Colchester, IL. This young woman has also opened her own studio in Macomb. “Drive” Studio of Dance is located on the Macomb Square where the former tavern, Top of the Town, once was.

Dorethy has hired Emily Rhein, a senior musical theatre major from Des Moines, IA, and Hope Zegiel, a senior political science major from Montgomery, IL, help her teach her classes. Her studio offers styles of jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and tap. The “Drive” dance team had their first performance at Colchester’s Labor Day celebration in early September. Dorethy hopes to provide a place for her students to do what they love.

Dorethy’s new journey was also featured in the Western Courier. Check it out here for more information about how and why she started her new business in Macomb: